Sellwells Antique Shop in Fenny Stratford  

Fenny Antique Centre

3 Victoria Road, Fenny Stratford MK2 2NG
01908 374409

Retro, Collectables, Furniture and Jewellery.
Full and Partial House Clearance.
Pods and Cabinets to Rent and Lots More!
29 Dealers and Traders so far - Some Pods and Cabinets Still Available.

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Furniture          Jewellery         Shabby Chic           Sundry  

Shop Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.
Closed Sunday - Local free parking Available.

Contact Us  -
Mags - 07890 631314   Tony - 07939 378122
Shop - 01908 374409

Newsflash!  BBC Two's  Antiques Road Trip has visited Sellwells!
Antiques Road Trip & Paul Laidlaw visited & filmed  here on 27 August 2013.
Paul purchased four of our items to take to auction as part of the programme!
We will keep you informed of Pauls progress & the date of transmission.

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